One Parking Enforcement Company's Story

One of our founders, frustrated with the lack of competent resources available, had an idea to create a platform that would allow a more efficient way for his tow company to service his clientele.

After spending a year assessing the out-of-date procedures used in his own operations and gathering valuable insight from his clients, he approached two friends who owned a web development company and so began the painstaking task of creating a solution to a longstanding problem plaguing the parking enforcement industry. Several months later his concept was created and a web-based enforcement reporting software was proudly introduced to his staff and clients.

Inspired by the response received, the next 3 years were spent developing new features and software to better assist his clients, resulting in reduction of his costs and growth of his client portfolio by more than 50%.

One day the team discussed the opportunity to combine the features and produce a product that would help Property Management and Parking Enforcement Professionals anywhere. He believed that his software was developed because the industry did not possess a suitable solution and just as his own clients deserved better service, so do those everywhere.